The Association of preventive pediatrics of Serbia (Udruženje za preventivnu pedijatriju Srbije) is a non-for-profit organization based in Niš, Serbia. It brings together pediatricians and experts from different fields and/or different organizations in order to coordinate activities and resolve issues and concerns related to prevention and health promotion to children.

This year, APPS decided to take part in marking 29. September as World Heart Day. APPS showed their support with an event “With heart to the happiness”.

For the members of The Youth section of the APPS 29. September was another day spent around children. First, they visited Elementary school “Ćele kula” and organised a short presentation about the heart for the first- and second-graders. Taking in consideration that at least 80% of premature deaths from heart disease and stroke could be avoided by controlling risk factors and that habits are formed when we are young, they tried to talk with kids about this serious topic in the manner they could understand and find interesting. The biggest part of the presentation was about prevention – how small steps such as a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol and tobacco and physical activity can do a lot of good for us and our hearts. Presentation’s main purpose was to inform the children about the importance of living a healthy life and to show them how to do that.

Children were listening attentively and later joined the discussion, sharing their ideas and thoughts on how to stop the cardiovascular epidemic and improve prevention. After the presentation was finished, kids transferred those ideas to paper. They wrote messages of encouragement, drew and made “Get well soon” cards for kids that are sick. Colorful papers were very soon covered with beautiful drawings and words of support. It has been a pleasure working with those children who really did their best to, even for a day, make the children that are at the Clinic happier.

Afterwards, the APPS members went to the Pediatric Internal Diseases Clinic, part of Clinical Center Nis to hand out the cards and drawings to the patients. The children were pleasantly surprised by their visit and received cards with a broad smile on their faces.

This was another successfully conducted activity by the hard-working APPS members in collaboration with the Elementary school “Ćele kula” and the Clinical Center Niš. With great support from the president of the APPS prof.dr Bojko Bjelaković, this action came to life thanks to The Youth section of APPS: asist. dr Marko Jović, Marijana Milanović, Mirko Boškov, Andjela Jovanović, Dunja Stanković, Zorana Ranđelović i Dunja Dinić.

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