Prof. dr Zorica Živković

Prof. dr Zorica Živković

Personal data

Name: Zivkovic Zorica, MD
Specialist register: Pediatrics, Respiratory Medicine
Nationality: Serb

Professional data

Full professor in Paediatrics
American School of Medicine at Belgrade / Former US Medical School
European University, Belgrade, Serbia
Date of appointment: February 2009

Faculty of Pharmacy, Novi Sad, Serbia
Business Academy, Novi Sad, Serbia
Date of appointment: October 2014


Medical Doctor 1984 Belgrade University
M.Sc. 1991 Belgrade University
Specialist in Pediatrics 1992 Belgrade University
DM 1996 Belgrade University


International Diagnostic Course “Thorax” Davos, 1985
Internationa Diagnostic Course “Bones and Joints” Davos, 1987
International Diagnostic Course “Bones and Joints” Davos, 1988
International Diagnostic Course “ Lung and Heart Diseases” Davos, 1990
Postgraduate Course of European Society for Paediatric Radiology, Munich, 1990
Clinical Training in paediatric pulmonology, Children’s Hospital for Lung Diseases, Budapest, 1993
Clinical Training in paediatric respiratory diseases and paediatric intensive care medicine,
University Children’s Hospital, Frankfurt/Main, 1996
Clinical Training in paediatric pulmonology and asthmology, King’s College, Royal Brompton
Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London 1997/1998
Clinical Training in paediatric pulmonology, Armand-Trousseau Hospital, Paris 1998
Postgraduate Course “Resuscitation, Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine for Neonates and Children” Ipokrates/ESPNIC, Maribor, Slovenia 2000
ACCP Course on Good Clinical Practise, Belgrade 2004 (certificate given)
Postgraduate Course “Basics in Asthma”, ERS School, Oslo, Norway 2005
Research ERS Serminar “Severe Asthma”, ERS School, Athens, Greece 2007
Research ERS Seminar “Post-genome Respiratory Epidemiology- interdisciplinary approach”, ERS School, Paris, France, 2008
Research ERS Seminar “International seminar on rationale and use of surfactant and continuous positive airway pressure in extremely low gestational age neonates”, Vienna, Austria 2009
Research ERS Seminar “Managing the lung of the extremely low gestational age neonate (ELGAN) in the delivery room”, Barcelona, Spain 2010
COST 2nd Conference “European Network for Translational Research in Children’s and Adult Interstitial Lung Disease, Belgrade, Serbia, 2018
COST 3rd Conference “European Network for Translational Research in Children’s and Adult Interstitial Lung Disease, Timisoara Romania, 2019

Professional Activities

International Societes

World Association of Bronchology (1994-)
American Association of Bronchology (1994-)
European Society for Intensive Care Medicine (1995-)
European Society for Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine (1995-)
European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases (1997-)
European Academy for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (1999-)
European Respiratory Society (1996-) – Chairman of the Scientific Group for Pediatric
Asthma and Allergy (1999-2003)
European Respiratory Society – Member-at-Large, Executive and Advocacy Committee (2003-2006), Liason officer ERS/EAP 2005-2008, Member of Long Range Planning Committee, Pediatric Assembly of ERS 2005-2008
American Thoracic Society, International Board member  2010
ACRP (Association of Clinical Research Associate)  Serbian Chamber, GCP Certificate 2006

National Societies

Serbian Respiratory Association (2001- ongoing)
Association of Preventive Pediatrics  (2013 – ongoing)
Association of Pediatric Pulmonologist of Serbia (2022- ongoing)

Publishing Activites

Editor in-chief of the scientific journal “Children’s Pulmonology”, 1991-2002
Editor in-chief of the official journal of the Association of Preventive Pediatrics of Serbia, “Preventive Pediatrics”, 2015-
Associate Editor in Frontiers in Pediatrics (2021-ongoing)
Reviewing for : World Allergy Organization Journal, Allergologia et Immunopathologia, European Journal of Integrative Medicine, Frontiers in Pulmonology, Frontiers in Pediatrics, Frontiers in Allergology, Serbian Archives

Grants and sponsorships

John Soros Foundation in Yugoslavia
Federal Association for Science and Development
Republic Association for Science and Technical Collaboration
ERS Training Fellowship
The British Council (Office in Belgrade) Fellowship

Present clinical work

Head of the Paediatric Department , Center for Lung Disaeses and TB, Medical Center “Dr Dragisa Misovic” from 1994-1996.
Head of the Intensive Care Unit, Center for Lung Disaeses and TB, Medical Center “Dr Dragisa Misovic” from 1996-1998.
Head of the Center for Lung Disaeses and TB, Medical Center “Dr Dragisa Misovic” from 1998-2001.
Head of the Department of Paediatric Pulmonology, Center for Lung Disaeses and TB, Medical Center “Dr Dragisa Misovic”2005-2009
Head of Bronchology Department, Children’s Hospital for Lung Diseases and TB, Medical Center “Dr Dragisa Misovic”, 2008-2011
Head of Department of Pediatric Tuberculosis, Children’s Hospital for Lung Diseases and TB, Medical Center “Dr Dragisa Misovic”, 2021

Languages  spoken: English, Serbian

Clinical research and studying

The study of correlation between clinical, laboratory and radiographic findings in acute asthmatic crisis in children 1991
The study of bronchoscopic examination in children 1993-1996
International multicentric study on prevalence of childhood asthma and allergies (ISAAC phase 3) 2000/2002
ERS Educational Grant: Clinical Efficacy of Educational Intervention in Asthmatic Children and their Parents 2004- 2006
ERS Task Force: Definition, assessment and treatment of wheezing disorders in preschool children: an evidence-based approach 2006-2008
ERS Task Force: Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia 2007-2011
ERS School Task Force: Pediatric Harmonisation of  European Respiratory Medicine Specialties (pediatric HERMES) 2007-2011
European Commision, Health and Consumers Directorate- General: SINPHONIE (Schools Indoor Pollution and Health: Observatory Network in Europe, (Tender SANCO/2009/C4/04) No 2010/S 119-179355
“Rare Diseases in Pediatric Orthopedics”  Ministry of Science, Republic of Serbia (Grant No. 41004) 2011 – 2019
COST Action BM1407- Better Evidence to Advance Therapeutic options for PCD (BEAT-PCD). National Coordinator. 2015 -2019
COST Action CA 16125- ChILD (Interstitial lung diseases form childhood to dulthood). National Coordinator. 2017-  ongoing
PADI – International study on Eczema and Food Allergy. PI 2018 – 2021 


Articles published in Journals indexed in Current Contents (CC) or Science Citation Index


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