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logo  The Association of preventive pediatrics of Serbia
18000 Niš – Mediana, blvd Zorana Djindjica 48 , Clinical Centre Nis
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The Association of preventive pediatrics of Serbia (Udruženje za preventivnu pedijatriju Srbije) is a non-for-profit organization, which was founded on 5th of June, 2013. The main objective of the APPS is to bring together pediatricians and experts from different fields and/or different organizations in order to coordinate activities and resolve issues and concerns related to prevention and health promotion in childhood.
The founders of the Association are people with expertise in healthcare, economics, law, IT, education and training, marketing, social science etc.


  • To promote the idea of the importance of disease prevention in childhood, among health professionals, academic institutions, public, private, governmental and nonprofit organizations, that take an interest in this problem.
  • To carry on activities to increase the awareness of health care providers, policymakers, social structures and the general public about causes and potential impact of non-communicable disease in youth.
  • To take on active role in promoting, developing and implementing innovative or some of the well-proven health measures in reducing the rate of non-communicable disease among children and adolescent.
  • To develop strategies and effective ways to promote healthy diet and active life style among youth with focus on self-motivation and active youth engagement.
  • To organize continuous educational projects, seminars, and courses for health professionals addressing issues related to prevention in children and adolescents.
  • Improving the dialogue and partnership between social structures, public institutions, businesses and academic bodies (who are interested to support our idea) to facilitate the implementation of preventive measures in to real life.

Main Аctivities and Projects

  • Organizing accredited medical courses, workshops, seminars and online presentations for health professionals and nurse practitioners specialized in the care for children.
  • Organizing international conferences on preventive pediatrics.
  • Publishing the official journal of Association of preventive pediatrics of Serbia available online as well as in printed form – two times yearly.
  • Volunteering in some noncommercial activities aimed at improving physical fitness and healthy life style of obese children.

For more Information please contact the Association of preventive pediatrics of Serbia and Mr. Bojko Bjelakovic via mail: udruzenje@preventivnapedijatrija.rs, or via mobile : +381652083321.


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